While flying home, the Holy Spirit prompted me to look out the window. When I looked out the window, I observed a plane flying on the side of us; however there was great distance between us. I continued to observe the plane, as it descended at the same time as we were preparing to descend. To my surprise both planes landed at the same time on different “Runways.” 😭😭😭

I was in awe, as GOD spoke these words so gently in my ear.

There’s enough “Space” for everyone. There’s enough room in the air for us all to Soar. You may be looking at the destiny of someone else traveling on the side of you; don’t be distracted there’s plenty of room for us all to be productive in our kingdom assignment. The person next to you has specific people assigned to their journey. You can soar, and land at the same time as your neighbor without getting in an accident. The Runways for our destinies are specific, and GOD made space for us all to land safely.

There is enough room! The Runways were created for us all to soar, and land safely.✈️❤️❤️❤️

I just wanna take a moment to say, Soar! I see you on the other side, and you’re doing well with the assignment GOD has given you to do! See you on the Runway Fam! 🛩

Sophia Ruffin is founder of Dope Chic but Holy Chic Ministries, located in Chicago, Illinois. Gifted with a strong prophetic anointing, she has ministered throughout the United States, bringing power and a radical message of deliverance. Ruffin is a prolific minister, a sought-after conference speaker, and the author of From Point Guard to ProphetShame, and After the Altar. She resides in the Chicago area with her mother, Doris Ruffin.