The average church that is growing in America treats their guests like consumers.The diet is mostly information, inspiration, motivation, low revelation, and very little demonstration.

Most churches are trying to grow using the systems that come from non-spirit filled churches and when these systems are applied they diminish the supernatural because those systems eliminate it.

They find no room for the supernatural in those systems. These sessions will help you to value and understand how to apply both of these vital functions in your church.

How to Increase your numerical growth and how to raise the spiritual emphasis of your ministry.

In order to accomplish this, it takes leadership. You must also have: wine and wine skin, anointing and architecture. Your church has a spiritual side and a system side. A vertical side, where your supernatural power
comes from, but you also have a system side that is made up of sequential processes. You must have these things established in order to grow your church numerically.

Breaking The Stigma of Apostolic Churches Numerical Size

The churches that seem to adapt the apostolic and prophetic flow are usually small in numbers. They don’t have to be small if they have a wine and a wine skin. If you have a good anointing you need architecture. If you have a strong spirit side, you need a strong system side. Having both of these makes your church grow and your team strong. If you are not a senior leader this material will not help you grow your church.

The anointing doesn’t build churches. Leadership, administration, and
management does. That is what produces growth numerically for churches. The anointing is a part of the piece but not the whole.

Have you ever seen a large church and when you drive by or hear the messages, you may think, “This guy is not saying anything”? However, he’s got five-thousand people. It’s usually because he has strong systems and good administration. I want to encourage you: If God has called you to be a senior leader, YOU CAN BUILD A GREAT CHURCH, but you have to have systems and sequential growth processes.

As you read the gospels you will see Jesus doing teaching and training. The word discipleship in the Greek language means classroom, or education. But Jesus said, “Come and be my apprentices.” We have taken the word disciple and made it just classroom. In order to build a spirit-filled church you have to go from teaching to training, and from discipleship to apprenticeship.

There is a distinct difference between teaching and ministry training. Teaching happens in a classroom, while training happens by apprenticeship. “Follow me, I delegate you, I watch you, I have feedback loop”. It’s a process. You will never build Gods church with just classroom teaching.

You must have Apostolic and Prophetic training. It takes training to build this kind of a church. You can’t build it from a class room. When you want to fly an airplane, they give you two different types of schools: ground school and flight school. Ground school is in the classroom and flight school is where you actually have to get in the plane and fly with the pilot who knows how to fly. It takes a flier to teach you how to fly.

You will never do with teaching that which God designed would happen through training. If you are a senior leader, God wants you to be the master builder. Churches are built by delegation and decentralization. Do what you do best and delegate the rest. You see what you’re prepared to see. You hear what you’re prepared to hear.

Don’t call one gifted man “Revival”. That is just his gift manifesting. Your anointing is only as good as the wine skin that it is put in. The anointing does not grow churches, leadership does. The anointing does not increase
numbers, management does. The anointing does not increase productivity in churches, administration does.

Some people are very good teachers but not very good leaders. Leaders know what’s next. They see the future. Don’t call one gifted man revival. What happens is that when he/she is doing their ministry you feel good about it. But it’s out of sequence and it produces no harvest. Do ministry in sequence. Your anointing is only as good as the wine skin that it is put in.

Some of the most anointed people that I have ever met have small churches. They were never called to pastor a church. They were called to be on a team in a church and do their ministry there. Most church services are a whole bunch of disconnected body-parts hearing a message. They are coming for blessings and benefits. They are totally disconnected from any kind of design and end result. They are disconnected from their destiny, cycles
and seasons of God.

They are consumers saying, “I’m coming here to be blessed, to be encouraged, to be inspired.” You don’t know your true value until you understand what you are joined too. Your value is in the whole not just the part. You are a part, of the piece, of a whole. Your value is in the whole not just the part.

Rodrigo Zablah is an emerging leader who has coauthored over twenty e-books and print books such as Sought Out, Prayer Assault, and Breaking Controlling Powers.