“Your Kite Is About To Take Flight”

While I was in The Lord’s presence Sunday at church, The Lord took me up into a closed vision and showed me a red kite flying very high in the sky with an unusual strong wind blowing it. The Lord then told me to prophesy this: Your kites are about to take flight!

I asked The Lord what the kite represented, and He told me the kite represented the works of your hands. I then inquired on the color red, and in my studies I found out that the color red not only represents the blood of Jesus, but also in Hebrew definition, it is the color of humanity.

The Lord says “Make haste, make haste in your expectations and your preparations. For the works of your hands are about to take flight. Yes, you have been in a frustrated place and a place that yielded no fruit. Yes, your hands have been tired and frustrated. But I The Lord have prepared an unusual wind to blow favorably in your direction. This wind is for the works of your hands. This wind is for the seeds you’ve planted. This wind is for your business, your endeavors, your pursuits, what you’re building, what you’re establishing, your plans and architecture. Think it not strange when this wind blows out of unusual places. For it will not come the way you thought it would come. This wind will have unusual strength with it, that even as your kites take flight into high places, the strength of the wind will demand for you to shift out of expired places. Expired places are the antagonists of the prepared wind. For this wind will pull you into places that will align with your flight. This wind will be your friend. You will say “I did not know I would get these results. I did not know I would be this high.” For this prepared wind is taking to you prepared places and prepared spaces.

Rejoice, rejoice, for a prepared wind is coming for the works of your hands. This is the season for the prepared wind to hit your life. You will not be without results this time. You will not be without answers this time. Submit your works to my wind, and watch me be glorified”

Jon-Michael McKinney, an anointed servant of the Lord, is a native of Columbus, GA.  To experience the ministry of Pastor McKinney is an experience of impartation, revival, change, impact, and edification. Among many things, he is anointed to empower the people of God through his revelatory preaching, teaching and keen prophetic gifting, which brings insight into the lives of many.  His ministry has reached various churches, revivals, and conferences; crossing denominational barriers, where he has reached and touched the lives of thousands of people including youth, teenagers, young adults and adults throughout his 18 years of ministry experience.  He has been featured twice as a guest speaker on WATC-TV 57’s flagship program, “Atlanta Live” Broadcast, which reaches 4 million homes, and was a weekly cast member of the nationally and internationally syndicatedGlobal Spiritual Revolution Radio Show through iHeart Radio, with a listening audience of over 20 million weekly.