It is yours says the Lord. Receive my blessing from every place, every nation and every tongue. My glory you will see. In the days to come great things you will see, I will do it for you. Great things. Mighty things. Miracles. You will declare my wonderful works in your life in the days to come. You will see it and you will know, I am the God of GLORY. 

My sons and daughters get ready to see my mighty hand, and my glory in your life. Things you have never seen before. Places you have never been before. Thing you have never done, you will do. You will flourish in places you never bloomed before. It’s because of my GLORY that you will see these great things.

In the year ahead you will say “My God, My God, has done great things for me.” All the things you are going to do, speak them now! Declare it now. Prophesy it now for the years to come. It’s going to be so much fun. You are going to dance, rejoice, praise and leap to where I will bring you too. I am taking you to a place that only I can take you to. 

I am in your midst to do great things for you. I am in your midst to show myself strong. I am in your midst, I am here in your praise. I will lift you up and take you higher. Higher than you have ever been. Trust me, nothing will hold you down. I am taking you there. Higher. From glory to glory I am taking you. 

It’s not over yet. Another place, another level I am bringing you to. It’s not over yet. There is a new place I am taking you, not an old place. A new place. Yes you will know that it’s not by might, not by power but by my spirit. This place I am taking you, you cannot go in the flesh. The things that have been holding you back will die. The obstacles will no longer be in that place of holding you back but they are being removed. You are going up. Higher. Into a new place far above the things that have held you down. Far above the things that have tried to keep you back. Far above in the high places. In the mountain of the Lord you will dwell. No longer will you be down and depressed but I am lifting you up into a new place. You will not be afraid, you will live in high places says the Lord. No longer defeated. No longer depressed. I come to make you glad and take you higher. 

It’s in the high place where you will see all these things. I speak today over thee. Believe the things I am speaking unto thee. My word has come to lift you up. You are crossing over into a brand new year. Into a brand new time and I am going with you. The walls of Jericho will fall before thee. You will take the land and possess it. You will drive the enemy that is in front of you. Crossover into a brand new place. 

Let me have my way. Let me come on you in a brand new way. Let my glory rest on you. Let me rain new favor and grace. Let me pour on you. Let me clear up your space. Let me fill you up from head to toe. Don’t be afraid I am going before you and you will drive them out. I give you power to posses the land. You will see the power of my mighty hand. My mighty hand you will see in the year to come. 

Watch me move. Watch me move for you. I will do it for you. I have great things for you.